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Since 1995 Perbit HR Magyarország Ltd. has been working hard to make „HR IT” more widely used and over the years we have become one of the leading software vendors and consulting companies in the field of Human Resources in Hungary. Our products include perbit.views, an integrated human resource management system and WinBelépő time management system.
We believe that the capabilities of our software meet all types of customer requirements in HR management.
Our main activities comprise the development and distribution of HR systems, training, trading and IT services. Auxiliary services involve software support, maintenance, developing user applications and IT counseling.
Our company relies on the expertise of our employees, comprehensive business relations and contractual partners.


In 1995 upon establishing our HR workshop, we began distribution of our expert HR system, Peodesy. It was a unique product at the time, the first of its kind introducing a revolutionary HR system supported by up-to-date IT solutions.
In 1999 we began developing Opus Human HR software, a new member of the Opus software family, in cooperation with VT-SOFT Ltd. This particular application supported a wide range of administrative functions. VT-SOFT now has the exclusive rights to develop and distribute Opus Human.
In 2001, collaboration with our German partner opened up new opportunities for expansion in the HR field for us. A new integrated HR software, perbit.views was introduced in the market offering the latest data management techniques (drag and drop, modern querying and reporting tools, opportunity for users to customize the user interface). It also enables users to access program features from a Web browser via an internet/intranet module.
Strategic partnership was established with Parallel Ltd. in 2006 for the benefit of creating an online interface system between perbit.views and XL Bér (a payroll system).
Training seminars on HR IT are also provided for students in postgraduate and full-time courses at various universities including Corvinus University, University of Pécs and Szent István University. Thousands of students graduated in this subject made up by us.

Our employees participated in authoring numerous related books, lecture notes and publications.


Our reference list includes prominent companies such as Electrolux Lehel Ltd., DUNAPACK Plc., Prinzhorn Holding, TEVA Magyarország Plc., MKB Euroleasing Plc., ZF Hungária Ltd, Firth Rixson Hungária Ltd., IRM (Ministry of the Interior), Avis Group Support Centre, Securitas Plc., Szent István University, University of Pécs, Budapest College of Management using our services, all by virtue of the expertise of our specialists. We have further ongoing projects, and additional preparatory contracts are underway.
Based on our experience, we can say that perbit.views can be introduced and used with considerable success at medium- and large-size (multinational) companies because multitude of HR functions may be achieved by implementing our software.
We offer services in the field of time management and administration. Our time management software, Winbelépő can be connected to the latest access control system too.


Executive Director: Tamás Fejér

Mailing address: Perbit HR Magyarország KFT
1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 128.
1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 128.
Phone/fax: +36-1-301-0637, +36-1-301-0953, +36-1-269-5610